Welcome to the Wrightwood Blues Society! We’re a non-profit organization wholly committed to the continued celebration of blues, jazz, gospel and all of the unique blues derivatives. Our mission is to champion the only home-grown American art as it continues to evolve and endure by sponsoring an annual scholarship and a few community events.

We have an outstanding Board of Directors and are developing wonderful partnerships. It is my hope to see a “Wrightwood’s Got Talent” event begin in 2019 to facilitate our annual scholarship offering. We are newly formed and open for ideas, anything that celebrates and supports the mission. More to come. -GJ

Our events, special promotions, partner discounts and activities are for members only. To request a membership visit our STORE https://www.wrightwoodblues.org/store/

The Wrightwood Blues Society (WBS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in San Bernardino County California. The purpose of WBS is to promote charitable, educational and musical activities honoring the American tradition of the Blues and derivatives. More information is available at our ABOUT page.

We appreciate your help in funding our annual music scholarship, and developing dynamic programs. To support the scholarship, request to join, or become a partner/sponsor, or benefactor please visit our STORE page. Donations are fully tax deductible, and there are several convenient ways to make them. You can click on one of the store’s “Donate” buttons or you can mail a check to:

The Wrightwood Blues Society
PO Box 3432
Wrightwood, CA 92397